Yard Care Before and After Portland Stump Grinding Services

When a tree is no longer a positive asset to your yard, it may have to be taken down. Whether it’s due to disease or a weather-related accident, an unhealthy or breaking tree can be a danger to you and to your property. This typically requires a tree service company to remove it.

After the tree is taken down, a stump will stand in its place, which some people use to serve another purpose such as an outdoor table or plant stand. But if you consider it an eyesore to your yard, stump grinding is a quick way to completely remove the stump and roots that remain.Stump Grinding

When you have stump grinding done in Portland, Oregon, you’ll be left with a blank canvas where your tree once stood. The new space can be cared for to resemble the rest of the yard or prepared to start anew. You can leave the harder work of stump grinding to the professionals at Mr. Tree, but there are still a few things you can do throughout the process to ensure the results you want.


Though much emphasis is placed on what happens after you have stump grinding performed, there are still a few things you should consider before you have it done. Your yard will benefit from planning ahead of time and hiring professionals to perform stump grinding for you. Taking these few steps beforehand can give you more confidence about how the area will look when the stump is finally removed.

Plan Ahead

Before you have stump grinding performed in your yard, you should plan what you want to replace it with and make any necessary purchases ahead of time. This way you’re prepared to make a quick transition once the stump and roots are gone. For example, you might need yard tools, soil, or seeds to complete your project.

Contact a Tree Service Company

Stump grinding isn’t something you should take lightly. It requires specific tools and machinery to do the job properly as well as safely. A Portland stump grinding service should be left to professional arborists like our staff at Mr. Tree. With decades of experience and the right equipment, your stump grinding can be done quickly, and you can be well on your way to creating your new space.


After you have stump grinding performed in your Portland yard, the real work for you will begin. There are a few necessary steps you’ll have to take to make sure that the area where your tree used to be can recover from the work that was done and serve its next purpose. Equip yourself with a few tools, like a rake and clippers, and you’ll be ready to start the next process.

Clear the Debris

After stump grinding is performed, there will be debris from the stump around your yard. Wood chips can create a good mulch base, but you can’t grow grass or flowers effectively on top of it. Use your rake to rid the area of any wood chip debris or small rocks in the area. Use clippers to cut away any remaining roots before you start your next steps. Clearing the area effectively is an important part of the process, as it creates the foundation for your next project to thrive in the future.

Fill the Hole

As you can imagine, stump grinding will dig much deeper than the surface. This is necessary to completely rid the area of any remnants of the tree, but it will also leave you with a large hole in its place. Filling the hole is a necessary part of the replanting process, and doing it correctly will further ensure that your foundation is in good condition for the next steps.

You won’t want to fill the hole with just anything when the time comes. High-quality topsoil will be your best option for refilling. Fill the hole halfway with soil at first and take a break to really pack it in. You can also add organic nutrients halfway through, such as compost or leaves to help restore the natural nutrients in the area.

Once that’s finished, you can continue to fill the hole until it’s about one inch higher than the surrounding area. Filling it a little higher will account for the natural settling that will happen to the soil and should leave you with an even foundation after everything is done. You can also spray the topsoil with water to encourage it to settle faster.

Replant on the New Soil

Depending on what you decided to do with the area your tree once stood on, your next steps will differ. Some people choose to fill the remaining area with grass so that it blends in with the area around it. If this is your plan, your next step will be to sow the seeds. Planting new grass seeds isn’t difficult so long as you have the right equipment.

You can plant the seeds by hand to ensure they’re evenly dispersed and then rake the soil over the seeds so that they’ve covered by half an inch of soil. If your plan is to have grass that blends with the grass that’s already in the area, be sure to purchase a similar type of grass seed. Not all grass is the same, and without the proper planning, your new area could end up being a different kind of eyesore.

Grass isn’t your only option with the newly leveled land, however. Many people decide to repurpose it with shrubbery or a garden to bring a different aesthetic to the area. Others decide that they want to plant a new tree to replace the old. Though this is a doable project, it may not be best to plant a young tree in the exact spot where your old tree once stood. Though the stump is gone and the hole is refilled, there’s likely still a large portion of the root system still hiding underneath. A new tree in that area may run into the old tree’s roots.

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