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Commercial Logging Experts

Mr. Tree, Inc. is the best in the business for any of your commercial logging needs in Portland and through out the Metro area. We have acknowledgeable and experienced staff that offers you all of the comprehensive logging solutions that you require.

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What makes Mr.Tree, Inc different?

We have acknowledgeable and experienced staff that offers you all of the comprehensive logging solutions that you require. We can perform forest thinning, clear cutting, controlled burning, and even reforestation, all of which are handled by our well-trained arborists. You won’t find a better logging service in the Portland area. We also offer Commercial and Residential Tree Service!

Lot Clearning

Trees seem to have a way of taking over certain parts of the landscape, thus the need for Lot Clearing in Portland. If you need trees to be cleared so that you can build a home or business, Mr. Tree, Inc. is the right tree service to call. We can clear out trees and other vegetation in order to allow for construction.


Just because Mr. Tree, Inc. has the word “tree” in its name, it does not mean that we are limited only to tree care service. In fact, we have a large side of our business that does cat work as well as offering excellent excavation Portland.


f you have an older structure that needs to be brought down and removed, Mr. Tree, Inc. has got you covered for all of your demolition needs in Portland. Having been in the business for over 20 years, we have handled large and small demolition jobs to be able to cater to any demolition need.

More than just residential

Mr. Tree, Inc is more than just a residential tree service company as they also offer a range of commercial services. Their experienced team can assist businesses with tree care, maintenance, and removal services for a range of properties such as parks, golf courses, and commercial landscapes.

Mr. Tree, Inc is equipped to manage large-scale projects, including land clearing for new construction, emergency response to storm-damaged trees, and routine tree maintenance for large corporate campuses. With a focus on safety and efficiency, their professional arborists use state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to industry standards to ensure that all work is done safely and to the highest quality.

Mr. Tree, Inc understands that commercial properties require a different approach to tree services, and they work closely with clients to provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Whether it's a one-time project or regular maintenance, businesses can rely on Mr. Tree, Inc for professional, reliable, and efficient tree services.

If you own commercial property,HOA's, or own a business in Portland.

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