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Need Emegency Tree Service?

We are open 24/7 to help with any tree emergency you might have. Mr.tree, Inc is a trusted name in Portland, Oregon. We have been dealing with tree emergencies for over 20 years.


Emergency services we offer in Portland

Handling fallen trees after a storm necessitates adequate tools and expertise. Trained experts can make a significant difference in ensuring the job is completed correctly, as opposed to inexperienced companies who may neglect proper protocols and cause further damage. Some of the services we offer in emergencies

24/7 Emergency Response

With our 24/7 emergency response services, you can have peace of mind knowing that we're always available to help when you need us the most. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency tree services and how we can help you in your time of need.

Tree Removal

We understand the importance of safe and efficient tree removal, especially in emergency situations. That's why we offer emergency tree removal services to help remove fallen or damaged trees that pose a risk to people, property, or infrastructure.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our trained professionals can quickly and safely trim or prune damaged trees to reduce the risk of falling branches or limbs. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that the job is done right, and we'll work quickly to address any urgent situations that require immediate attention.

Stump Removal

Stumps left behind after tree removal can be unsightly and hazardous. That's why we offer emergency stump removal services to help remove stumps quickly and safely. Whether you need a stump removed as part of an emergency situation or for any other reason, we're here to help.

Emergency Tree Care

Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide emergency tree care services to address any urgent situations that require immediate attention. We'll work quickly to assess the situation and provide the necessary services to ensure that your property is safe and secure after a storm or other emergency event.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

In some cases, damaged trees can be saved with the use of cabling and bracing.Our team of professionals has the expertise and equipment necessary to install cables and braces quickly and safely, reducing the risk of further damage and ensuring the safety of your property.

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We love working hard, and going above and beyond for our customers.

Excellent value for their very competitive pricing.

Mr. Tree provided excellent value for their very competitive pricing. Both crews were amazing in handling the massive amount of cut timber and stump grindings generated by the project and cleanup was an integral part of their work on both days. I highly recommend this company.

— Scott Goddin

Their prices are spot on

The crews were amazing and worked wonders. They trimmed everything and worked j several sections at once. This place is unrecognizable! They are the best, have great scheduling, and are so professional. Highly recommend them. Their prices are spot on and we can't say enough about how amazing are they are!

— Smiling Ls

Mr. Tree has been my go-to company for years

Mr. Tree has been my go-to company for years and they have never failed to provide excellent service. Professional, efficient, thorough and courteous. Best value in this field!

— Ed Darnell

Prevention is an option

In some scenarios, tree removal or pruning may be the most viable option. However, often, bracing and tree cabling are effective solutions that ensure your tree remains structurally sound, healthy, and happy. Our professional tree cabling and bracing systems offer the following benefits:

  • - Prevent broken and lost limbs
  • - Minimize the risk of tree or branch failure
  • - Provide protection for your property, people, and pets beneath the tree
  • - Straighten a leaning or tilted tree
  • - Provide strength and support to the tree during harsh weather conditions like ice, snow, and wind storms

We have years of experience caring for and bracing/cabling trees in Portland. Less experienced tree care professionals have been known to cable a tree too tightly, causing damage to the tree at the cabling/bracing site. And if the cable is too slack, it’s not doing its job to keep the tree strong and steady. We’ve braced hundreds of trees and know how to do the job right.

Every tree cabling job we tackle requires a unique approach guided by the needs of your tree, the layout of your property, and other factors. We’ll carefully assess the health of your tree, answer any questions you have, and create a plan that’s in your best interests.

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